Rose Online Dying...I disagree

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Rose Online Dying...I disagree

Postby Katy on Sat Oct 03, 2015 10:41 pm

Hi guys,
I don't code but I have been Admin of a Rose server for going on 6 years now. I disagree with all the people who say that. Rose is a very special type of game. Social. Great for kids, great for adults who never got the gaming experience but now have time to do that. It is also a very special market. I have players from 5 years old to well into their 70's. Over half my player base is over 40. People who are looking for more than fps. Sick of zombies and vampires, enough already. Rose also has a universal appeal. Graphically beautiful, bright and shining.

That being said, Rose IS an old game. Hard to deal with the coding. Not alot of tools available to us. C++ coders are rare and hard to come by, Facts.

I do think that Rose needs to evolve. More puzzles, more things to bring the market together. Pvp is not going to make or break a server. Ours is kinda broken but people still come, they still talk and laugh and tend to come back forever. Kids grow up and get married, have babies of their own. And they come back. Always. Because Rose community is socially oriented. Life happens. They still come back. Therefore, I have to disagree. Rose will not die as long as I can type and keep talking to my players.
I have the utmost respect for you guys who contribute here. I wish I could code, but it really isn't my thing. I hate numbers. I am a champion of keeping Rose alive though. I work very hard to do that.
To you who think you are alone, please don't give up. Rose has so many broken elements. But people will play no matter how broken because of the family element that is kinda built into RoseOnline.
Thank you all for your hard work here, I don't say it often enough.
~Katy / Summer
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Re: Rose Online Dying...I disagree

Postby Vetyst on Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:20 pm


We have quite a history together :mrgreen: anwyay. I have to agree.
I have played many different games and it might be because it was one of my very few games I played; I keep comming back to ROSE Online. Not just as a programmer but as a player aswell.

You kept your server together when I went on rampage on yourserver once. You are a champion at it indeed.

Keep up the good work, and have fun hosting your server!

Kind Regards.
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Re: Rose Online Dying...I disagree

Postby BarneyK on Wed Jan 20, 2016 6:29 pm

It's actually the opposite of dying , I could agree that 4 years earlier rose online was slowly dying reaching the lowest player peak i have seen but looking at the current states of servers i could not disagree more rose has been having over 800 player peaks on the offical server this is not alot but judging from the fact that it used to be 400 concurrent online players that is some huge changes , arua rose , rise online , furia rose , etc-pinoyrose have all been getting their fair share of a decent number of players especially Arua. This just shows that its slowly getting some dedicated players especially my self after almost a year / years of going back and forth to the game.
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Re: Rose Online Dying...I disagree

Postby Dasti on Sat May 07, 2016 10:09 am

Rose? Dying? I think it's the opposite at least right now, when I joined this forum a couple of months back it was dead, it was really dead and i left to learn a bit more of c++ and i came back a week ago and the forum is actually active. I see new people joining the rose community daily (in terms of players) and right now I'm pretty bad at programming but I will help out once I get a little better. This is truly the game I come back to every time I'm sick of every other game i play. It's relaxing and fun!
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