The 3 Servers Error I can't access

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Re: The 3 Servers Error I can't access

Postby PurpleYouko on Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:32 pm

It may be possible to make it work with the specific client version that we were using at the time but it is going to take a LOT of hard work to figure that quest stuff out.
I don't even remember the exact client version. I think it was around 424 but i can't be sure.

Honestly you are better off sticking with the RoseZA server and client that I released a while back. You will still have some minor timing issues but otherwise it just works.

If you want a server/client that you can really customize and make work in whatever way you really like then you have little choice but to work on the one with the client source. Project 137.
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