RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby rave on Wed Sep 04, 2013 1:57 pm

after doing valor quest and honro quest the points are gone or it doesnt really added
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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby scrose on Thu Jan 30, 2014 4:15 am

For the first time, i upload RoseZa blank.sql in my Navicat. But summon can't attack to the monster. What can i do to fix that? thanks for help
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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby PurpleYouko on Thu Jan 30, 2014 3:21 pm

all the logic related to summons attacking is located in Battle.cpp and a few related files.
With this kind of issue the only choice you really have is to trace through the logic in the code and maybe add some logging debug code to see what state the variables are in at any given point.

I do not remember coming across this issue when I was working with roseZA.
It may be due to changes in the NARose client if you are trying to use one of the newer versions.
Need to lookup information on NARose items, skills, quests?
Now featuring a newly completed skill tree for all classes
Formatting fixed for different resolutions

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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby Tartie on Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:38 pm

JediOfFreeSoftRSA wrote:Here is the download link for RoseZA 437 updated with all the updates to just before Thriel closed the server.

It is not the installer but just a backup of the RoseZA folders.

I will upload the full installer without the updates later this week. :D

this link is dead also can someone upload a RoseZA 437 that works please?
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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby Dibella on Sun Aug 07, 2016 12:35 pm

Good Day,

Here is still an active link in this thread.

( )

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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby Tartie on Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:15 pm

Dibella wrote:Good Day,

Here is still an active link in this thread.

( )


Thanks sir!!!
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Re: RoseZA does it again ! - Dev Rev IV - V437 - Release

Postby aditya98 on Sat Mar 07, 2020 8:11 pm

thriel wrote:[ Links to Source at bottom of Page] Dev Rev 4 is now live.

I know ive said this before, But RoseZA is now shutting down its work on Rose, this time for good, we have another project that we are already working on and we haven't had much time for rose in the last 2 months or so and frankly we don't have the manpower to continue work on 2 fronts. So i am looking to release what we have done up to now so far, its a possible release since we are still on the fence about it but so far everyone looks in favor of it, I'm just waiting to hear observer's vote on the matter. We will still keep a live box on line for players to play, but we wont be actively working on the code anymore.

What we have done up to now ( this is work we continued after our Dev Rev III release ):

Rose is working on Version 437 client, we have coded a total of 244 Revisions since Dev Rev 3 release :

What is working :
Mounts, yip that is right, ingame mounts work :)
Partial quests
Costume system
Drops and loot
Equip gear
Partial ingame item mall
Chat rooms
Partial premium services
ingame Automated advertising system
Ingame ticket system
Ingame autoban system
Everything that is not listed below is currently working

What is not yet working ( work in progress) :
Ingame Item Mall is not finished yet
Lucky Spin is not completed yet
Location and timed quests arent working, every other quest works
Mounts needs a few minor packet tweaks, nothing hectic, they do work tho
Dungeon finder

Custom stuff we have done since Dev Rev 3 :
Combat system completely rewritten, combat is now properly scaled between monster and player and feels alot smoother.
Added proper support for Dodge, crit, Damage reduction and block, they now work properly.
Removed overkill, its the worst thing ever added to rose, new Xp formulas added, XP is now much more fluid in terms of scalability and equality between classes.
Added new spawn system
Added new drop system
Support for level based chests
Combat has also been heavily balanced between classes.

You can check out the game via our website to test a demo of how it runs, how smooth it feels and see what up :

What i am looking for is Developers that want to continue on our work, not for just themselves but devs that will post updates for everyone to share, whether you release just the bins to public or the full source is your choice, but the only way Rose is to survive is to get the community back on track, this is the only condition on which we will release this code to anyone. So if you are up for the challenge on working on this source ( which btw is currently the most advanced you will find on any private server anywhere ). then drop me a message please.

If approved we will provide links to source code, database, client and fully working Launcher.

Complete Revision log :

244 Updated Mount, should work now upon new CharDB
243 Partial Mounts Working ...
242 added List_mount STb and STL.
241 Updated Proxy.exe
239 STB and QSD update to 434
238 Updated database.rar in root folder.
237 Update pak 793 (V434)
236 Added:
235 Upgraded damage formulas again
234 Fixed possible division by 0 bug
233 Added crit, block and dodge to skills. Melee will crit at 2x and magic will crit at 1.5x
232 Was a build error with last rev
231 Updates damage formula for normal attack to skills.
230 Upgraded attack formula as was advised armour/defence levels reach over 10000.
229 Player levels now affect the damage reduction due to armour. A player who is 15 levels lower than a enemy will do a maximum of 5 damage on them. A player whos level is higher than the monsters will have the monsters armour effect reduced depending on the level difference and the amount of armour a monster has. Armour can be reduced to 0.
228 Added 0x7f8 packets to quest code. Client side LUA now works
227 Upgraded attack formula. Cant have more than 75% damage reduction which is about 2000 armour at level 220. Scales logarithmically.
226 Quest updates. Simplified pakGiveQuest and moved many functions into QSD handling. Blue quest text now works at the client.
225 Updated Todo list.
224 Sets XP to what is in the STB for killing a monster. Also takes away the potential for a huge overkill XP bonus and parties should get same XP regardless of who kills target.
223 Bug Fix:
222 Fixed playershops
221 Fixed shops
218 Bug Fixes:
217 Updated todo list
216 Updated TODOlist.txt
215 STB QSD 432
214 Bug Fix - Shop Names are now shown correctly (Not tested)
213 added TurtleFamily.qsd and RackieFamily.qsd
211 Updated QSD files.
210 fixed respawn zones.
209 Updated SQL files to 428
208 Updated Todo List
207 Updated all AIP files / QSD files from patches 280 / 424
206 Added AIP and QSD files to Client Files directory.
205 Updated STB to NARose 424 Client.
204 Updated useitemlist all starter items are now working
203 Updated TodoList.txt & Warning system (working correctly now)
202 Updated TodoList.txt
201 Moved SQL files
200 updated respawn zones
199 Updated Telegates.
198 Updated quest window fix, aswell for abandoning quests work
197 Updated QSD files (V342)
196 Fixed the first part of the 'kill 3 mini jelly beans' quest
195 Updated log to fix sigsev error
194 Added Dagnarus Code
193 Updated QSD files (got Back the serversided QN files)
192 Fixed Quests
191 Fixed Player Summons
190 Fixed NPC buy tabs for Valor, Honor, Premium and Normal NPCs
189 Fixed NPC buy tabs for Valor, Honor, Premium
188 Fixed Friendlist
187 Fixed pakModifiedItem (7bc)
186 Updated Todo List, Added newly reported bugs.
185 Partialy fix of Friendlist
184 Fixed clans
183 Created new folder for Tools
182 Fixed Character select Spawning area
181 Updated Todo List.
180 Fixed NPC repairs / Repair Tool
179 Party shows all users names now
178 Update 0x793
177 Edit Pack 7bc
176 Added SQL
175 Added:
174 Updated STB/QuestData and the Data folder with SQL files inside to latest 421.
173 Fixed Disassembling
172 Rebuilt world server.
171 Costumes now working.
170 Edit in Costumes:
169 Costumes partially working. please see if you can see whats up with the faulty slot 147....
167 Updated TodoList.txt
166 Fixed HairColors
165 fixed Trade
164 Pack Edit: 7ad
163 Pack Edit: 7c8 Storage
162 updated todo list again.
161 Updated todo list.
160 Changed Todo List to txt.
159 Updated Todo List.doc
158 Updated Todo List with latest reported bugs.
157 Pack edit: 0x07b0: pakLearnSkill
156 Added the missing "ads.dat" file.
155 Updated todolist.
154 Updated Todo List ( find it in root directory of SVN )
153 Updated the Todo List. it is now in Root directory of SVN.
152 Update to 7a8 pack to make teleporting available again
151 Converted arrays to vectors.
150 New function for packet 0x7a5 added.
149 Pack: 715 fixed - Prepped for costumes
148 Disabled ReadQSD.
147 Updated various packs
146 Disabled ReadQSD causing server to crash
145 Packet 793: SpawnToPlayer should be fixed
144 Added RoseZa files into the RoseZa folder.
143 Split up for MultiSourcing
142 Finished the porting of purple's multiple drop. currently set to "up to 3 drops". Tested and working.
141 Purples new Quest system added.
140 Added a new updated "ItemList" which also includes updated map id's, skill id's and gm commands.
139 Disabled /cart and /cg.
138 Updated Weight packet formula.
137 Fixed using of the cart and castle gear.
135 Added packets i logged for cart driving. you can find them in packet/packets folder.
134 HairColor working
133 Hair and Full player name is back
132 Warning system Semi working.
130 Increased the charname size limit to accomodate for the slightly longer names that occur with the [Noble] title
128 Fixed: Storage Deposit / Withdraw - Zulie Deposit / Withdraw
127 Fixed some of the new Spawn code porting of purples that was missing. should work noe ( UNTESTED ).
126 Adding the new Spawns.sql file, its located inside "Database/New Tables/spawns.sql"
125 map functions update
124 Ported over Drop System completely.
123 Added Happy Hour Event.
122 Im uploading the new battle.cpp from purple's server, he said we should use his combat formulas since they are far ahead of osrose code. so when you guys get to combat formulas check out his file.
121 Added a folder called "Code to be ported" inside there you will find the new drop system, new quest system and new Spawn system.
120 Updated items_newchar.sql with the right durability values.
119 Fixed build errors.
118 Added the missing "Durability" field in Item_newchar.sql
117 Updated the Logging system for rose.
116 Update in packet 0x793 to make the costume working for 100%.
115 Costume is now working( 100% ) at Character select, login and change equipment.
114 Update to Costumes:
113 Fixed and improved the character creating items.
112 All positive buffs should now be removed when equipment is changed. Prevents incorrect buff values.
111 Fixed Accepting, Completing and Abandon quests.
110 Hair Dye Coupon working
109 Fix on reversion 104 - Couldn't connect to the character server.
108 Learning skills + Leveling them up working
107 Activated console mode.
106 Questdata LTB is now loading.
105 Updated QSD's to v.419
104 STB's and STL's updated to v.419
103 Fixed Accury spelling to Accuracy
102 New Regeneration Formula - Untested
101 Fixed a few things with damage reflect.
100 The damage reflect magic status should work now.
99 Max level is now read from database when it comes to quests and crafting.
98 GMs should now still appear in gmlist even if they are in hide mode.
97 Rebuild World / Login / Character.
96 Corrected some clan packets - should work almost fully now.
95 Added Config.Command_Free1 up to Config.Command_Free5 those were missing.
94 Corrected some clan packets - should work almost fully now.
93 Rebuild World / Login / Character.
92 Updated Files
91 Cleanup
90 Uploaded the Tickets.sql Table file
88 Socketing and gemming should work now
87 Made /time command to show server time ingame.
86 Filtering character ' from ticket system to prevent mysql command errors.
85 Added ticket system. the Commands are :
84 Purify All skill for gms should now work and not cause buffs to stack up.
83 Storage coupon should be consumed now.
82 File required to initialize timerDP for the autoDP function
81 Players should no longer get exp in PvP areas when they are revived.
80 ********CUMULATIVE Itemmall_Points********
79 FIXED the Attack Power Calculations with and without a weapon
78 Some skills have success rates lower than 100%. This will implement that feature.
77 fixed charserver freezing.
76 Fix the skill_hitvalue error.
75 Updated the Auto DP top-up logging.
74 Added an Auto DP Topup when players play a certain amount of seconds in one session. (Is disabled atm and can be enabled in the commands.ini file). It allows a player to gain Itemmall Points while playing.
73 Quests now take global exp rate into consideration when giving exp rewards.
72 Broadcast Fee is now read from the commands.ini file.
71 Fixed confs for mister Visser
70 Fixed - Some items still did not sell for right price. (Please report if more items doesn't sell for right price to npc).
69 fix a problem if the charid is higher then 64XXX where it wasnt possible to chat with friends after relog
68 Added some official files to ease our work.
67 Fixed the problem where some items gave wrong amount of zulie when sold to npc.
66 Summons now get your AP plus 50% or 60% of your AP and also get your Acc plus 60% of your Acc.
65 Zulie is also now checked when doing skills, to check if caster has enough zulie instead of MP when using a zulie skill.
64 Using a modified ospRose skill code.
63 Refine working
62 Fixed the problem when dealers hire summons then MP and Zulie is deducted.
61 Added a test fix where clan 0 made character server freeze.
60 Skill formal missing code fix
59 Fix the problem were the stats check when equipping something only checked base stats.
58 Added a Zulie fee to broadcast channel.(GMs don't have to pay and don't have to wait 30sec to broadcast any more.)
57 Fixed the problem where too long clan news made character server crash.
56 Cart Lift Request Fix
55 Using ospRose's normal attack formula. - Tested works wonders.
54 Changed Critical hit values a bit and also changed a few values to improve DR vs Acc
53 Fixed some compile errors caused by Thriel's spelling :).
52 Converted some arrays into vectors.
51 Removed lmame's old code under Ride Request that caused players not to receive ride requests.
50 Fixed Sikuku Ruins and Orlo's repair NPCs, they could not repair stuff.
49 Added NPC Brock to NPC repair list
48 Fixed Sigil of Brilliance(1303 10) the 1 hour version.
47 Added an extra 10% defence to m-defence.
46 Mental Storm damage should be fixed now.
45 Fixed Scaling Values.
44 Fix some minor calculative issues on summons
43 Modified summon stats and changed the way they are scaled.
42 Modified the base skill damage. Added extra nested if conditions. Players should now do more damage to mobs with a level lower than theirs instead of doing more damage to mobs higher than the player.
41 Position bugfix
40 *** summons ***
39 Cart Lift Request Check Added.
38 Decreased Sitting regeneration Slightly.
37 Quest Reset Bug fix
36 Fixed Defense Formula
35 Fix High Damage Problem.
34 Shop Bug Fix.
33 Fixed Level Bug completely.
32 New Regeneration Formula
31 defence values to fix the high damage rate
30 Added Normal and Magic attack combat formula.
29 Cart Lift request check added
28 Modified the base skill damage. Added extra nested if conditions. Players should now do more damage to mobs with a level lower than theirs instead of doing more damage to mobs higher than the player.
27 Just swapped the formulae on line 1404 and 1412 around too. Still contains the swap from += to -= on line 1412
26 Adjusted skillpower += Stats->Attack_Power - (level_diff / 2); and changed to skillpower -= Stats->Attack_Power - (level_diff / 2); to prevent players from doing less skill based damage to gray monsters than to purple monsters
25 Added some basic calculations for Dual scratch. Keeps it's starting value at 30 and quite gradually increases according to your Attack Power. Does not take any factors into consideration other than your Attack Power.
24 Added support for skill formula 3 and 4 and 6(Dual Scratch).
23 Fixed issue of non displaying items after they were equipped.
22 Converted some arrays into vectors.
21 Buy / Sell to npc works (some items do remain in the inventory on selling
20 Added a rosemanager Auto Restarter.
19 Regen code rewriting - This should be closer to official.
18 NPC shops should now work correctly
17 Updated perl launcher
16 Console Mode Fixed. Use [CTRL+SHIFT+C] to activate console mode.
15 Update on pakCreateChar so characters could be created again.
14 New Trose.exe Files for patch 419.
13 Adding the Extraction tools to the client folder. Also created a new folder "Database". I have moved the roseon.sql to this folder and puttting all extracted sql and csv files into this folder in future.
12 Able to pickup items now.
11 Modified use of packet 0x7a5 to a function inside of the CWorldServer located in extrafunctions.cpp;
10 Re fixed client crashing on Equipment change.
7 Moved TRose.exe to "Client Files" folder. in future any client files i edit i will put in that folder, everyone else please do the same.
6 Fixed client crashing on Equipment change.
5 xxx
4 Added my version of NAProxy
3 Updated Spawns list, characters should now spawn on correct place when they log in first time. just import respawnzones.sql. also added latest telegates file.

Links to Source :

You need to register at to get code, and it is read and write access, so you guys can upload fixes as well to the SVN.

it is a SVN so you will need to download and install tortoisesvn to get the code... the setup is almost same as dev rev 1, 2 and 3... so just follow those guides ( except use the url above ).

Link Dead Sir :-(
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