RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

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RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby thriel on Sun May 20, 2012 10:15 pm

We are closing down the RoseZA server, its been a fun ride and we have enjoyed hosting a rose server over the last few years, but like all good things wev'e reached "that" point ...

I would like to thank Purpleyouko for all the work he put in when writing new drops system, new spawn system and the new quest system and all the other additions he made. Purple, you are a legend in the rose world, you give without asking anything, you never seem to lose your cool and you are a really gifted coder, so i would like to extend my sincere thnx for just being a stand up guy and always setting good example and mostly for restoring my faith that not all coders are assholes. I am only sorry that i wasnt able to keep the server going for another few years for players to enjoy your work, but hopefully with this release many will be able to enjoy your latest additions, and who knows, you may feel like releasing some updates since im sure you will now have many people posting bugs :)

Rose has been dying for a while, and im not sure if releasing anything here will help, i guess im just hoping to kick start things again for some, so we are releasing our source code to everyone, im sure there is many who could make good use of it, and to not release it will kill all the hard work that the coders put into the project. And this is our way of giving back to the community, it all started here on osrose, and here is where it should end for us.

This source is based on dev Rev II + the additions ( 256 revisions ) we made over a period of +/- 2 years. The current client supported on this code is 317. A blank copy of the DB is included in the root directory of the source named database.sql

our SVN Logs : ( this is not the whole log, just a rough highlighted draft on major changes )

    This fixes the extra calculations that should of not been called
    Regen code rewriting - This should be closer to official.
    This fixes insta heal when hit with full Hp.
    This also fixes parts of the code that was not getting right values. e.g. lastRegenTime_hp and mp were being set to 0.
    Fixed GM Refine command.
    Added Console Mode, can now send ingame message via Server console.
    XP Formula updated to our original values. XP is slightly decreased right across the board.
    Updated the GO Commands.
    Reborn Command Fixed.
    Updated Game Rules.
    Changed the crafting formula's values a bit.
    Regen Code Fixed for Insta Heal. - Not tested.
    Item Mall Refine Fix.
    Planets new regen code, hope it works this time...
    MP bug fix.
    Instant HP/MP regen fixed
    Small fix were MP jumped because of HP.
    Replaced Planet's regen code Lmame's code because it caused player's HP/MP to regen very slow while sitting or standing.
    Added Planet's Normal and Magic attack combat formula.
    Using dev rev 2's defence values seems to fix the high damage rate - Tested by Lemming.
    New Regeneration formula
    Fixed level bug completely by Botan - Tested by Lemming
    Using Plante's new defence formula.
    Fixed Shop bug - Tested by Botan
    Removed planets new defence code - Seems to reduce attack power to much.
    Fixed that reset code. - Tested by Me.
    Decreased sitting regen slightly.
    Cart Lift request check added
    bug fixed when you killed shroon the worldserver was crashing
    A case wasn't handled properly with my "ResumeNormalAttack" function, AOE skills centered on the player like Howl, should be better now
    Player target check - added PY's fix (thanks to him)
    Summon should detect now in his AIP if his master died or isn't in the map anymore (was the case for summon Terror Knight),
    Better summon update function, should save a little time / cpu,
    Tracking summons on empty maps to avoid summon staying alive, alone on a lonely map (sad is this life...), in fact we count if a map has summons and we only update summons in those maps,
    Seems Py's position fix is bugged.
    There was a conflict between two playerinrange call (one weapon range, other skill range),
    If a player created a clan and reloged immediatly, he appeared as "rookie" in the clan members tab, should be ok now,
    Clan invite fixed
    Added support for skill formula 3 and 4 and 6(Dual Scratch).
    Added some basic calculations for Dual scratch. Keeps it's starting value at 30 and quite gradually increases according to your Attack Power. Does not take any factors into consideration other than your Attack Power.
    Code was edited from line 1469 to 1474. Will refine it more a bit later
    Adjusted skillpower to prevent players from doing less skill based damage to gray monsters than to purple monsters
    Just swapped the formulae on line 1404 and 1412 around too. Still contains the swap from += to -= on line 1412
    Modified the base skill damage. Added extra nested if conditions. Players should now do more damage to mobs with a level lower than theirs instead of doing more damage to mobs higher than the player.
    Fixed the combat formula.
    Fixed Dodge Base stats formula & Naked Acc formula
    Adding extra code to clean empty chat rooms though it seems it's not useful..
    Skills crash bug by lmame, we had it fixed already but his code was cleaner.
    Modified summon stats and changed the way they are scaled.
    Dread knights and Terror Knights are hard capped at a max of 80% of your AP
    Fix some minor calculative issues
    Sorry one last rev... Not all the values were scaling according to the correct calculation
    Fixed summon stats code - Some char were missing.
    Mental Storm doing damage should be fixed now.
    Added an extra 10% defence to m-defence.
    Lowered skills attack power a bit.
    Fix the problem were your defence and m-defence was used to calculate skill attack power.(Added Enemy->)
    Fixed Sigil of Brilliance(1303 10) the 1 hour version.
    Added repair support for npc Brock(naRose patch 311 & 312)
    Fixed Sikuku Ruins and Orlo's repair NPCs, they could not repair stuff.
    Removed lmame's old code under Ride Request that caused players not to receive ride requests.
    Using ospRose's normal attack formula. - Tested works wonders.
    Has put a level restriction of level 260 on quest EXP rewards to prevent players from levelling above level cap.
    Cart lift request should work now.
    Branch to use Visual Studio 2010
    Changed log.cpp to show message type in logfile ( this is needed for log distiller ) Also added logdistiller in the log folder
    Changed the STL references for Swift and Nimble blessings are they were incorrect
    Changed the skill values for Swift and Nimble blessings. Using the books should now give the correct skills
    Changed Critical hit values a bit and also changed a few values to improve DR vs Acc.
    Fixed the swift/nimble problem once again after NaRose patch
    Fixed the problem where too long clan news made character server crash.
    Added a 50000 Zulie fee to broadcast channel.(GMs don't have to pay and don't have to wait 30sec to broadcast any more.)
    Changed the skill formulas to a modified iRose skill formula.
    Added a durability cap of 120 to crafted items.
    Scaling the broadcast fee by level. Level 1 - 20 is free, level 21 - 50 is 500zulie, 51 - 100 is 2000zulie, 101 - 200 is 4000zulie and 200+10000zulie.
    Fix the problem were the stats check when equipping something only checked base stats.
    Added a code that I forgot to add to skill formula.
    Added a test fix where clan 0 made character server freeze.
    Saving 1 hour XP medals time in DataBase to prevent loosing it when dc.
    Fixed the problem when dealers hire summons then MP and Zulie is deducted.
    Using a modified ospRose skill code.
    Zulie is also now checked when doing skills, to check if caster has enough zulie instead of MP when using a zulie skill.
    Summons now get your AP plus 50% or 60% of your AP and also get your Acc plus 60% of your Acc.
    Fixed the problem where some items gave wrong amount of zulie when sold to npc.
    Fix by Toxin on Osrose - fix a problem if the charid is higher then 64XXX where it wasnt possible to chat with friends after relog
    Fixed - Some items still did not sell for right price. (Please report if more items doesn't sell for right price to npc).
    Change broadcast fee message to "Broadcast fee of %i zulie removed!".
    Broadcast Fee is now read from the commands.ini file.
    Quests now take global exp rate into consideration when giving exp rewards.
    Added an Auto DP topup when players play a certain amount of seconds in one session. (Is disabled atm and can be enabled in the commands.ini file).
    Added Terrorist's reliable and unreliable skill formula.
    Changed the amount of acc your summon gets from you from 160% to 140%.
    Updated the Auto DP top-up logging.
    Fix the skill_hitvalue error.
    Fixed the Auto DP feature, it was updating donation field, changed it to nb_donation field since that is the field we use for DP.
    Hopefully fixed charserver freezing.
    Some skills have success rates lower than 100%. This will implement that feature.
    Example: Voltage Storm (Cleric) have 45% success rate in Stunning the enemy. In dev rev II, the success rates are not yet implemented. So we change that and add this simple check.
    FIXED the Attack Power Calculations with and without a weapon. The values should now match the AP in the naROSE client.
    Warren should activate Happy Hour now.
    Rebuilt World Server
    Ok in this revision I added the ability to accumulate time so that players don't have to sit in-game for 5 straight hours to get 1 RP.
    Basically what happens is that every minute the code activates and checks whether the correct amount of time has elapsed for 1 RP to be attained. If not then the counter value in the DB will be increased by 1 and stored again in the DB. once the allotted time has been reached (7 hours is the current default) it will award the player 1 RP.
    Please ensure that a column is added to the 'accounts' table called 'counter' with a default value of 0 and a type of int (this is just incase one wants to specify a really large time interval). Also note that the time you wish to have the player play before getting the RP has to be given in minutes - 1. E.g let's say you want to let a player play 2 hours before getting 1 RP then it will be 119 minutes that needs to be the value set in commands.ini. The time DP value is set at 60 so that it runs at every 60 second interval.
    Players should no longer get exp in PvP areas when they are revived.
    File required to initialize timerDP for the autoDP function
    Storage coupon should be consumed now.
    Stockpiling skill for Bourgeois should work now.
    Improved the stockpiling skill code.
    Merchandising skill will now, but selling most equipment will still have the incorrect amount error, because the equipment sell formula is incorrect.
    Purify All skill for gms should now work and not cause buffs to stack up.
    The damage reflect magic status should work now.
    Some skill attacks has aoe effects and these aoe effects should work now.
    Forgot to remove a test log. :S
    Level cap on crafting exp.
    Fixed a few things with damage reflect.
    Max level is now read from database when it comes to quests and crafting.
    Modified the reborn code to count everytime a player uses the /reborn code. Also uncommented the name change part of the reborn code to add the title of Noble to players who reborn. Also added a check to ensure that they only get the title once. Also made it so that the /reborn code draws the level from the DB through the use of GServer->Config.MaxLevel. When implementing code add an extra column to the characters table called "reborn"
    Adjusted Acc vs DR a bit.
    Some skills uses zulie, the zulie should now be deducted and checks are in place to prevent zulie from going below 0.
    Increased the charname size limit to accomodate for the slightly longer names that occur with the [Noble] title
    Anti Magic Shell should work now. It removes ALL buffs from target.
    Modified the crafting formula, should be better now and also a bit harder to craft some items.
    When players pay during HH now there counter will go up with 2 instead of 1.
    Changed a few values I forgot to change in the crafting formula.
    Added a hack log to try and find out why players cant lift each other sometimes.
    Removed the code where reborns get the [Noble] tag.
    Modified crafting formula a bit.
    Hopefully last modification to crafting formula.
    Crafting exp should now be effected by HH.
    Cart Request should work now.
    GMs should now still appear in gmlist even if they are in hide mode.
    Updated AIP,QSD & STB files on SVN to current version 28-03-2011
    Updating commands.ini file 28-03-2011
    Added Application Monitor App.
    Added ticket system. Use /ticket [message] to submit a ticket, /readtick to read tickets and /deltick to delete a ticket.
    Filtering character ' from ticket system to prevent mysql command errors.
    Changed the ticket command log to a gm action log.
    Made /time command to show server time ingame.
    Adjusted the Acc vs DR formula a bit.
    Added a new rule.
    Removed Auto HH.
    Added the HH which will only effect certain maps.
    Added a few logs for new HH and commands.
    Fixed Map HH 10min announcement hopefully.
    Made the /happyhour command a bit more user friendly.
    2x RP timer removed for HH maps
    Added a /hide 2 to the /hide command so that gms can hide there test characters.
    Corrected the spelling from Accury to Accuracy (Personally annoyed me to try and find Accuracy)
    Fixed burn damage where only 1 case wasn't taken into account.
    Added that events could also be broadcast to rule 7
    Activated console mode.
    Changed the rules.
    Added kick and hhon to console commands.
    Item unequip code added to reborn commands
    Incomplete version of warning system present. BanTracker() still needs a lot of work
    Add 2 tables: warning_system, warning_reason
    -warning_system fields
    -warning_reason fields
    Warning system is now fully functional. The syntax is /warning [charname] [reason]
    The way it works
    After 3 warnings the player will receive a 48 hour ban (can be adjusted, just make sure to work in seconds)
    After 6 warnings the player will receive a 7 day ban (again can be adjusted, just make sure to work in seconds)
    After 9 warnings the player will receive a permanent ban
    All temporary bans are tracked by the server. Once the ban expires the ban will be lifted automatically.
    tables that need to be set up:
    warning_system fields:
    warning_reason fields:
    Adding v124 world server EXE
    Disabled warning system.
    Updated commands.ini file with HH settings
    Fix for Luna summon capsules as well as a semi complete version of the warning system. Further additions and fixes will be made later.
    GM /seewarning and /delwarning disabled as there are some issues with them, but player based commands and the warning issue system still works.
    Added the new lottery system.
    Added zulie prize limit to lottery main prize.
    Added Grand Prize announcement.
    Fixed possible cause of crash
    Added a check to the /lottobegin command to see if there isnt already a lottery active.
    Fixed lotto announcments
    Increased crafting difficulty by 2%
    Fixed refine bug hopefully.
    Fixed a bug with /reborn where it didn't unequipped an earring.
    Fixed the bug where item buying amount did not update in player shops.
    Fixed - Happy Hour on same map twice problem hopefully fixed now.
    Fix lottery picking 2 of same numbers.
    Added a few more checks to the /lotto command
    After 10min of no activity players should register as afk and not receive any Rose Points.
    Players should now get debuffed server side when getting into a cart/castle gear.
    Players should also now get de-buffed when opening a shop to prevent display errors.
    Players should now appear at dungeon entrance when they choose dungeon entrance in re spawn window.
    Players should no longer appear in junon sea after pressing save town.
    Added /lottor command that randomly picks lotto numbers for you.
    Increased the time between death and quest packet.
    Complete new UI for launcher
    Added Auto Update feature to launcher
    Added new navigation links to launcher
    Added a friends List limit of 50.
    Added new advertisement broadcast system.
    Added a few logs to the advertisement system.
    Hopefully a fix for disappeared mileage skills.
    All mileage skills should be fixed now.
    Should fix ad system
    Fixed clan create zulie bug.
    Updated rules.
    Change a few gm logs.
    getDodge should now return the correct amount of dodge for a player.
    Fixed a small problem with gems.
    Added logs to friends limiter.
    Fixed accuracy stat formula, accuracy shown in character stat tab should now be correct when unbuffed and not in pat item.
    Removed a few logs i forgot to remove.
    The GetInt(), GetCOn(), GetSen(), should return the correct values now.
    Accuracy stat should now be 100% correct server side with most buffs, but not PAT items.
    Dodge substats should no longer be included in the dodge stat formula when a item is gemmed.
    Changed ad system to retrieve ads from the ads.dat file.
    Players should no longer get exp from mobs at level max level.
    Ads should now be loaded at start up.
    Critical stat should now be correct server side, but not 100% due to decimal loss.
    Removed friends limiter, still a bit buggy.
    Deleting a friend should also now remove you from your friend's friends list.
    Defence and MDefence should be correct now, there might be a 1 or 2 difference but that's due to decimal gain or loss.
    MaxHP stat should now be correct.
    Upon reborn your quests will now reset.
    Mileage skills hopefully should have no levels now.
    Fixed a few clan info update bugs.
    Summons should scale a bit better now and be a bit weaker.
    Made Lion Plains so that only gms can enter using /go. ( Fix for high Rate Server. Low Rate the /go command is not accesable to normal players at all. )
    Added a Copy of the Database ( Without the player data ) in the "trunk" directory of the source code, it is called "Database.sql".
    Multiple drops enhanced. (some code was present from Lmame already)
    Added new CONFIG.ItemDropRate (not added to config database yet but loaded in as a value of 1 as default in startup.cpp.
    Added new GM command /itemdroprate[rate] (use to alter server-wide drop rate)
    Added structures in playerstats.cpp to calculate and save droprate, xprate, gray droprate and zuly droprate in the player->Stats structure.
    modified drop calls in battle.cpp to support multiple drops beyond the maximum of 2 that Lmame's code allowed for.
    Medal timers already present: Integrated existing code with new code so medal of fortune should add 1 to server drop rate
    Fixed drop rate so that default is 1 per kill.
    (tested and working)
    Still needs to be tested with Medal of fortune which should add 1 to the current base rate.
    Modified the Server message in /configreset so it makes more sense ^_^
    Left a lot of comments in the source for later reference.
    fixed drop rate for Sigil
    Reborn should no longer cause server to crash.
    Item drop rate should now be read from the list_config table, please add a item_drop_rate column to list_config table if needed with default value of 1.
    Fixed an old Osrose Attack Speed Syncing between Client / Server bug. Attack speed should now be displayed correctly client side. this should bring more balance to the classes. We are also the only Evo server to have this issue fixed :)
    Fixed the issue with Bourg Stockpile skill. No change to special stockpile drops code at this point.
    Fixed attack speed bug when using a shield. /mystats2 aspdp should now show your AS %.
    When normal players use the /class command now they will be billed 10RP. *Please change the /class accesslevel to 99 on HR server only*
    Players should no longer get exp when they are max level and in party.
    Removed hair limit from gm /hair command.
    Prevent level up when max level or past.
    Fixed reborn log.
    Fixed a bug with the level limiter.
    Increased the effect of Acc in the Acc vs DR formula to improve it a bit.
    Added new ingame vote shop that is text based. Use the following command to use it /vinfo.
    Fixed a few small bugs with the lotto commands.
    Fixed a bug in the /class command
    GMs no longer have to have 10RP in account to change class.
    [Smith] Nel Eldora's disassembly and any other npc disassembly should work now.(Remember there is a fee for using npc disassembly).
    Fix Grand Fireworks.
    Item mall storage tab can now only be used if you have a 7 day storage coupon active. Please report any bugs.
    All magic status effects should now go away upon death.
    Defense has now been fixed. It is calculated with reasonable accuracy now. Passive Shield Defense is now calculated as it should be and knight def will be calculated correctly
    Null Exp should work on quests now.
    Adverts can now be loaded/refreshed by using the following ingame command /loadads or by typing loadads into the console command window.
    Removed a log that made the server crash.
    Buffs are now refreshed upon death, hopefully that will remove buffs.
    updated map_grid.csv. fix for spawns for christmas trees
    modified the output for the "event" command. now provides direct feedback to the person activating it via PM
    added two secondary commands to monitor event status. Access level is set to 900 on these to effectively deactivate them.
    Suggest raising access level for "event" also
    PAT items attack speed should be fixed now.
    Removed go gm log for normal players
    Blood Attack and similar skills can not be used on friendly characters/monsters any more.
    Skills that does not meet the requirements can longer be used.
    New spawn system based on the IFO data. spawns should no longer run out, also spawns dont use tactical points anymore, they will now cycles through the spawn groups. the respawn timer is triggered when the last monster in the group is killed. in a nutshel the new spawn system fixes ALOT of the spawning issues that we have experienced over the last 2 years. Also we dont have to reboot the server daily at 5am anymore.
    Finally got round to fixing the issue where the Block Rate of items was incorrectly added to Dodge Rate. Dodge should now be calculated with reasonable accuracy. Also Added the Extra Charm to the quest reward return function and also added it to the Drops and so forth since it was never originally factored in the calculations. I did however null the effect of BR since I need to just redo the number generator a bit.
    fixed the issue where the Block Rate of items was incorrectly added to Dodge Rate. Dodge should now be calculated with reasonable accuracy. Also Added the Extra Charm to the quest reward return function and also added it to the Drops and so forth since it was never originally factored in the calculations
    Buffs should now go away on death fixed
    Summons are now able to get the owners quest items, aka summons can now be used to do quests.
    Fixed - MistleToe should now work.
    Some minor mods on the code to prevent errors and completely fixed issues pertaining to shields and Attack Speed. Also implemented code to handle Block Rate. Nothing fancy or guaranteed to be successful but will be modified as needed.
    Modified monster respawn code to fix the issue with monsters not respawning after initial spawn when there are empty basic spawns in the IFO data.
    Also added a check to reset mob pointer to the first basic spawn if the tactical spawns are found to be empty. this will make them spawn quicker without having to wait an additional loop of the timer.
    All positive buffs should now be removed when equipment is changed. Prevents incorrect buff values.
    Stockpile skill is now calculated in GetDropAmount function.
    All items with stat 63 should now increase the drop amount by the value assigned to the stat.
    Players can no longer gem non-sockable items.
    [Smith] Mahyr should now be able to repair items.
    You now need to choose numbers between 1 and 30 when entering the lottery.
    Orlo repair npcs should now work.
    Database has already been changed on test server.
    Small fix to crafting exp.
    Fixed small bug with purify
    Stealth/Camo should now hopefully work like its suppose to.
    Removed the mute part of camo/stealth

    there is a few more additions missing at the end of the log here but im to lazy to look for the rest now.

The last few additions ( our move from 307 to 317 ) have broken a few things ingame that will need to be fixed, but im sure any half descent coder can address the problems.

Apart from all the bug fixes a few new features we added to the server are :

ingame lotto system, players can buy lottery tickets and the lotto system with choose winners and automaticly give the winner his prize. the whole system is automated.

Ingame ticket system, players can leave tickets and gm's can open tickets to read what problems players had and once problem is solved close the ticket, tickets can be opened even when no GM is online, when gm's come online he can view any open tickets players have left.

Auto Ban Manager - automated ban manager, when gm gives a player a warning the server sends message to player to whisper he is warned, after the 3rd warning the server automaticly bans the player, and when ban has run its course the server will automaticly unban the player. the whole system is automated.

Random HH event, when activated the server will automaticly choose a random map and make it double XP, Double drops on that chosen map, it will also announce ingame that happy hour is active and tell which map, after the hour is over it will stop happy hour, when next cycle starts it will again announce HH to server, the whole system is automated.

Ingame Voteshop, when players vote on vote sites they received VP, they can use this VP to buy items from the ingame voteshop. Voteshop items can be added in the database.

Ingame advertisement system. You can send adverts ingame that sends a whisper to players on a schedule, quite handy for advertising item mall spacials or sending ingame notices. its managed from the database and is automated.

Link to source code :
feel free to make more mirrors.

You can use the Dev rev II setup guide to compile the source, the guide is here :

I may release some other useful tools over the next few weeks. for now this code should keep you guys quite busy for some time ...

If you have any questions feel free to post them, ill probly pop in again later this week and answer them if there are any...

if the admin wants to sticky this or upload this and replace the dev rev II, then by all means do so, since the old dev rev is out dated and this is work done on that rev.
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby Raven0123 on Mon May 21, 2012 4:09 am

stickied, sorry to hear that you guys are closing down. :P
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby PurpleYouko on Mon May 21, 2012 3:21 pm

Hi Thriel.

Sorry to hear you are closing the server.
Thanks for the kind words and I certainly wish you all the luck in the world with any future projects.
Let me know if i can ever be of any help in them.

Thank you very much for releasing all the work that went into RoseZA back to the public.
Maybe it will breathe some life back into the world of rose emus for us.
We have actually had an increased number of new members both here and at ragezone lately so there is still a certain amount of interest out there.
I know that I for one will never abandon ROSE. It was my first MMORPG and it is still my favorite in many ways.

I was wondering if you have closed down your SVN for the rose project?
If not then we could just continue to use it.
If you have then I will start a new one and upload the source to it.

The clients that I have for your project claim to be 274 (that doesn't seem right though since it has costumes and stuff) and 335. I don't think 335 ever really got sorted out though.

My trunk version of the SVN runs the earlier client almost flawlessly so I will probably post this up onto a new SVN anyway (possibly as dev rev 3)
I can also zip up the working client and upload that somewhere.
Need to lookup information on NARose items, skills, quests?
Now featuring a newly completed skill tree for all classes
Formatting fixed for different resolutions

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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby Gravit on Mon May 21, 2012 3:30 pm

100% that i gonna set up Rose online server on this.

But few questions, is this good for high rate, reborn system server and does it have HP and INT bug fixed when going over 4k?
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby thriel on Mon May 21, 2012 3:34 pm

Sure, SVN is still up, ive changed your status on the SVN to owner and you can do with it as you please.

Its not that i wanted to abandon rose, i just dont have the time on my hands to manage online projects at the moment, maybe if things calm down over the next few months ill take another look at it. But i am glad to give back and if this code helps jump start rose again i will be thrilled.

I wanted to tell you tho, that the testers did report that the quest system that you coded wasnt working properly, ill try get you some better feedback on that.

It shows 274 in the client because we didn't edit the version number, but our latest client is 317, the current source above is actualy meant for 323 ( that is the patch we had in testing before we shutdown ). so in theory 323 client is the version that should be used with this source code, but im sure there will be some bugs to fix and polish, but its a nice base to work from. it is miles better than dev rev II.

O and if you are going to fix the code for public, take a look at union wars, i know that is broken, it broke somewhere in the last few revisions ( probly with all the narose patches we used a packet changed somewhere ). We were going to fix it before shutdown.

I am busy looking at releasing some other usefull tools like our narose "patchlist decryptor" and perhaps our launcher as well. i know the decryptor is usefull for patching narose patches, especialy if you want to patch specific patches only. I must just find the time to sit and sort through all the crap on my drives :)
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby thriel on Mon May 21, 2012 3:36 pm

Gravit wrote:100% that i gonna set up Rose online server on this.

But few questions, is this good for high rate, reborn system server and does it have HP and INT bug fixed when going over 4k?

We did not run that high rates, so not sure on the int and hp bug. ( that may be a client limitation bug tho )

The server is designed for a level 250 Max server.

The reborn system works 100%. and everytime you reborn it wipes your skills and removes your gear as it should.

also forgot to add another feature we coded :

Ingame advertisement system. You can send adverts ingame that sends a whisper to players on a schedule, quite handy for advertising item mall spacials or sending ingame notices. its managed from the database and is automated.

Ill edit it into the first post.
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby thriel on Tue May 22, 2012 1:16 pm

sorry for the double post, just thought id mention that there is a semi completed version 335 source on our svn as well in a seperate branch incase you were looking to update at some point, Observe was working on that specific code ...
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby PurpleYouko on Tue May 22, 2012 1:58 pm

I have a copy of that server and client.
I did a little bit of work on it to help Observe but he was the only real coder on that project.

Maybe once we get the new dev rev 3 stable (i.e. fixing the darn quest code) we can start looking at the 335 server and client for the next release.
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby thriel on Tue May 22, 2012 2:42 pm

I think a big problem alot of the people have with updating to newest narose patch is having to sort through Narose patchlist to update their clients, it can be a MASSIVE pain in the backside and ALOT of work.

I can help with that part, i have released our narose patchlist decryptor that will make updating your client with narose patches quickly and painless. and it can update to specific patches as well, so you can download the 323 default client and quickly patch it to 335 or whatever version you want.

I always prefered to update my own client rather than use someone elses, that way i dont inhered their mistakes or miss patches.

here is the decryptor with usage guide :

Anyway, I hope its helpful :)
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Re: RoseZA Source Code Release 2012.

Postby dbraders on Thu May 24, 2012 9:37 pm

Salute for your work to that server thriel, thumbs up for other that help you to build server, Thank's for your share, I also will learn to know how make a server, and as long as I do it, I will report and try the best to participate for progress in this forum.
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