A few questions regarding the Arcturus files

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A few questions regarding the Arcturus files

Postby JDoeBoy on Sun Aug 14, 2022 7:45 pm

Howdy all, I have managed to set up and compile a working client/server using some very old SHO files for iRose. The code is edited some, but seems to be fairly clean and old, it still appears to use ITEM_DROP.STB.

My questions are regarding the running, and setup of the server.

The language folder
How are these files used, and is there a way to recreate them from the client files?
Can I rename the STB files from the client to include the "_s" or similar?
[INDENT]Are there any guides that will help me understand what those files are?

Is there an easy way to edit this file? If you know the file, you know why I ask.
Would I be better to try and find code to replace the drop system? (any available?)

]Why are there two different zone files?
This one isn't as explanatory as I would expect, and I have not seen an explanation of the fields anywhere.

I know that probably isn't all, but any help would be greatly appreciated. Using Circa's files.
JDoeBoy Maybe I should have posted this here http://www.dev-osrose.com/forum/viewtop ... 1&start=20 but I didn't remember that post until now.
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Re: A few questions regarding the Arcturus files

Postby PurpleYouko on Fri Aug 19, 2022 6:10 pm

To be perfectly honest I think you would be better off to just keep the client part of that and completely dump all the server end of it.
I don't know of anyone who has ever got the SHO server completely working without so many bugs that it is damn near unplayable.

I took the irose client source myself and made it work with an osrose server. I actually adapted the KTRose server. First to work with the 137 evo files and then with the irose client source.

Those SHO sources are so horrible they give me a headache just thinking about them. The irose client on the other hand is not too hard to work with
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Re: A few questions regarding the Arcturus files

Postby JDoeBoy on Sat Aug 20, 2022 3:31 pm

Thanks for the response and advice PurpleYouko. I understand that the client and server have issues, but as far as sources go, this is the only project that I have been able to build both the client and the server.

I have been using the code to learn, so starting with something that I can actually test as I play with the bits of code, is important. I may have gotten a bit ahead of myself trying to get all the little bits correct to start.

As far as the Language STB files go, the world and game servers accepted me changing the name of the STB files from the client, to include the "_s". This fixed 90% of the questions I had regarding the setup of the server. The drop table (changed in future versions) is not anything I think was/is easy to edit, it almost needs to be customized for each server for balance.

You have never steered me wrong, so I will look into trying to match another set of sources. I believe the suggestion you are making, is to look into the files listed under 137 updated. I think there is confusion with the naming convention of the files. KTRose, Evo, and 137 are all listed under "137 updated version", what are my chances with those files?

I don't plan on running a server, I just want to see if I can add, or change anything successfully. First, I need to have something I can build, run, and connect.

After going through several sources of 137, KTRose, Rose Evo, it seems most have had their build files deliberately changed to have a / instead of \. I got most things in the 3rd party fixed to the point of missing the ogg/ogg.h file which I have copied to almost every directory of my pc now and it still isn't found.
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