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Save fixed O.o

Postby pepu on Sun May 11, 2008 2:46 pm

I was working for hours on this..and i only can do this:(Basic skills still broken..i will try to fix this later.)

  1. GServer->DB->QExecute("UPDATE characters SET level=%i,face=%i,hairStyle=%i,sex=%i,classid=%i,zuly=%i,str=%i,dex=%i,_int=%i, con=%i,cha=%i,sen=%i,curHp=%i,curMp=%i,id=%i,statp=%i,skillp=%i,exp=%i,stamina=%i,quickbar='%s',bskills='%s',askill='%s',askilllvl='%s',pskill='%s',pskilllvl='%s',respawnid=%i,clanid=%i,clan_rank=%i,townid=%i WHERE char_name='%s'",Stats->Level, CharInfo->Face, CharInfo->Hair, CharInfo->Sex, CharInfo->Job, CharInfo->Zulies, Attr->Str, Attr->Dex, Attr->Int, Attr->Con, Attr->Cha, Attr->Sen, hp, Stats->MP, CharInfo->charid, CharInfo->StatPoints, CharInfo->SkillPoints, CharInfo->Exp, CharInfo->stamina, quick, basic, active, activelvl, pasive, pasivelvl, Position->respawn, Clan->clanid, Clan->clanrank, Position->saved, CharInfo->charname );

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