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Looking for Client Dev

Postby harry12 on Sun Jan 01, 2017 5:55 pm

Good day, 1st post of 2017 ! :D :D :D
ClashROSE are back with new lots of features!

We are using arcturus irose. This is a non-profit server basically staff wont get paid for these, we want the game to be more exiting and add new content on the client !

I am looking for a client dev that handle stb,,con,zms,zsc etc...
well if he can manage add qsd for the new maps that i suppose to be add in the game.

For me, I just want to make the players happy because I really love and enjoy RoseOnline (been a fan since 2004) . I am not gaining fame for doing this server or making me being cool.

Feel free to contact me on skype if you have questions. seymour012
You can also visit our website http://www.clashrose.com
And also contact us at http://www.forum.clashrose.com

I am using iroseph old client and i had heavily customized it., we got alot of items,quests that are already prepared but need to tweak some icons. Some of our contents are from different servers, jrose/narose some alive and closed pvt servers and so on..

We are a small community, the server run for almost 1/2 months and we had 30+ minimum players online including new players everyday.
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