[Concept/Prototype] OsRose Mobile APP

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[Concept/Prototype] OsRose Mobile APP

Postby XxXshidoXxX on Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:34 am


OsRose Mobile application


Context :

In this day and age everything has an app : your video games, your cars, your hair transplants and even your fat uncle blood sugar levels. We at OsRose thoughts to ourselves : Why does RoseOnline does not have an app when "Yo" is even a thing ?

OsRose : Project M

After asking ourselves such an life defining question we realized that RoseOnline could use an application in order to fit 2016 better. Project M was born.

Project M aim is to make your life easier playing Rose Online on multiple servers :

Don't ever wake up in the middle of the night to check if you sold those precious black hearts
Don't bother alt-tabbing everywhere in order to check if a monster is strong or what he loots.
Easily show your friends your latest PVP or PVE builds, or check your char stats anywhere.
Check Your PVP ranks anytime and compare your favorite characters performance.
Check optimized builds and DPS cycles selected by the APP.
Check the server status anywhere.


So what does it look like ?

The best way to visualize what the application should look like is to check the video we made about the prototype :

OsRose Mobile Prototype

Artboard 2.jpg

Project status :

As of now the concept / design and prototyping are done and we will be releasing all of it :

https://mega.nz/#!pdd2zSaS!SuWZe59fv_7S ... ImlPlH0cPs
SKECTH 3.5 FILE ( Main design software file )
https://mega.nz/#!VJMCyBzI!rNJ7lskxgedv ... KGOcAFFTD8
https://mega.nz/#!kQFxgSKY!Rhg6i1t1fXNx ... hbnJcPbhs0
CSS OF EVERY ARTBOARD ( Warning : Very Long code )

Fonts : Avenir & Helvetica

The sketch file can be opened by the sketch software, or converted in various files format, be careful tho as some will damage the file ( PDF can't generate transparent gradient and SVG do not support shadows). PNG is the best choice to work with and its what's used by mobile devs anyways.

There are also some sketch plugin that allows you to directly load an artboard into xcode

What now ?

OsRose is looking for Java/Dart or Objective C/ Swift enthusiasts in order to finish the project scripting. This could be a good opportunity for young coders to make their full first big scale app or for experienced coders to try a domain they didn't touch before
You will be receiving support from the Osrose Dev team, The Osrose Design team, and a professional Android coder ( This person is not an Osrose staff member but can help you for any application coding questions ).

Coding this app shouldn't be hard, especially since you can find a lot of its functions being already developed in other apps :
Here is a status checker ( http://codereview.stackexchange.com/que ... rogramming , as an example we can integrate this with Xcode in just a few minutes )

As i'm personally training myself to Swift ( because i think it has a bright future ahead of it ) so you can expect some release for the IOS app sometime in the future but i will not be able to do android related stuff.

What if you don't want to share it with everyone ?

Works too, OsRose is only here to make everyone's life better so if you are a big server and you want to have the app all to yourself you can. We just ask to be mentioned somewhere in its credits.

Why didn’t we release a fully functional APP ?

This question has a few reasons behind it :

-The first one is quite a bit personal, when i came to osrose in 2006 i was just a 16 years old completely clueless about anything code related. It is with time and support around Devs such as drauk , Lmame , Arnold , Raven , and particularly Purple ( who has earn my utmost respect ) that i have been able to understand this world and even be a part of the osIrose dev team. Today i would like to give the same opportunity for anyone that is curious about this programming world by providing assets and support.

-The second one is simply because coding this isn’t our top priority right now.

Enjoy this release.

This thread will be an announcement for 30 days and then moved to the tool and script section of the forum.

OsRose Staff.
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Re: [Concept/Prototype] OsRose Mobile APP

Postby wolfwing on Fri May 27, 2016 6:00 pm

Why go the horrible path of 2 different code bases? If this gets off, one app will become more developed than the other.
You're better off by picking something like Qt to develop the application in mostly C++ with only small "bootloaders" written in Obj-C or Java which load the universal C++ code. Qt actually already makes sure that code is generated for you, so you don't even have to write it yourself.
Having a single code base for your app will make sure you only have to deal with writing a feature once and only one set of bugs.
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