Compiling client source

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Compiling client source

Postby PurpleYouko on Wed Aug 24, 2016 5:44 pm

As with the server, this is not a compiling for dummies post. It's not going to be easy for most people to make this thing work, at least on the first few tries.

First of all, go get yourself a copy of Visual Studios 2010. It's available free from MSDN if you can figure out where. The express edition is fine. This might be the correct link however it might not. I haven't actually downloaded it to see

Once you have VS2010 installed, go into your client source folder and navigate to "Rose_Engine/Client/Client.sln" and double click it to open the code in your VS2010 IDE
DO NOT use the file that can be found at "Rose_Engine/trose.sln" If you do then it will open not just trose but all of the other dlls and libs that have already been compiled by myself and added into the donor client.
Believe me, you DO NOT want to be messing around with trying to compile znzin.dll (the graphics engine) or triggerinfo.dll. They are a pain in the ass and since they have already been compiled, it is a complete waste of time. All the changes that we will need to make are in the trose.exe itself which is (somewhat misleadingly) accessed via "client.sln" as described above without any of the peripheral nonsense.

Check all your paths in the configuration which should be set to "Release"
Your output path should be set to build wherever you want your trose to come out. Me? I direct it straight into the donor client folder since I know the thing is going to build correctly. You might not want to do that just yet.
Many of the paths in the configurations may still be set to point to some place defined by the MACRO "ROSE_PATH". I have done my best to redirect each and every one of them via relative paths but I might have missed a few. I have even edited client.vcxproj manually to get rid of all the crappy paths. there are literally hundreds of them in there.... :(

Attempt to compile it. Chances are it won't work on any of the first 5000 tries or so ;)
All I can say is that my files work perfectly for me here and also on my computer at home so it is possible to compile this thing elsewhere.

If it won't work for you, report your issues with as much detail as you possibly can.
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