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Postby touchwiz on Sat Jun 28, 2014 6:55 am

Hi guys!

I am more then 3 years now on the forum, i did read alot but never made a account :)

But i am little confused now, which is the most stable osrose?
Dev rev 3 or 4? Or the roseza rev but the link is dead.

I played last year devrev 4 but there where some terrible bugs:
hp regen, the hp was really weird it really jumped
Mounts did not work
bonfire did not work
Are the bugs still there i haven`t updated mine files?

Next qeustion is:
There are some osi rose and ph, these for old rose clients like <120.
And there is the KTRose is that the most stable server yet (with low bugs)?

I am really looking forward to vetyst work on dev rev 5, he did some really great work!
I have tried it and it worked really good, haven`t test everything yet but i found only that the car didn`t work.

But the qeustion is there a future in dev rev 5, vetyst did some great work but are there some other poeple to do get bugs out as well.

If i missed somethings awesome in the forum that haven`t seen yet please send me a link ;)
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