Rev Whatever --- It's the last version we used at RoseZA

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Re: Rev Whatever --- It's the last version we used at RoseZA

Postby PurpleYouko on Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:18 pm

monsters are spawned from the database
Dumping stuff from IFO isn't going to change that unless you happen to be using the old mobgroups table.

The newer versions load from Spawnareas table or (if you have KTRose spawns set up) Special Spawnareas
Need to lookup information on NARose items, skills, quests?
Now featuring a newly completed skill tree for all classes
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Re: Rev Whatever --- It's the last version we used at RoseZA

Postby NewMilenium on Thu Aug 16, 2018 9:00 pm

Hello Brontophobio, glad to see i'm not alone with this problem.

1 year later (and many hardware problems solved later...), i still have the same problem. If anyone has any insight, idea, thing i could try... here is a summary :
i'd like to play this ROSE version with the possibility to learn any skill from any class.
It's almost done. Here is where we are (i'm saying "we" because PurpleYouko already helped a lot on the matter and solved many problems) :

by editing the client XML files,
1) i can display and level up skills correctly in the Unique tab, but the requirements skills are never met. It's like the skills are not checked / different for skills requirements.
2) Basic and Parts tabs are not to be used because the server won't save the levels (see that in the database, "list_character" or "characters", i don't remember exactly). Mileage tab also has an issue (don't remember which one, something like "you can level up but once you leave and join again the level isn't saved").
3) I can't find how to use the Job tabs, how to bypass the "nothing's displayed" protection.

So, either we find how to have skills requirement well done and i then use the Unique tab (by using new buttons with a different Y offset like we thought), either we find how to bypass the Job tab protection.

I tested many things with that DLGSKILL.XML to try to bypass the job tab protection, without any success.
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Re: Rev Whatever --- It's the last version we used at RoseZA

Postby Elyntra on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:15 am

Skill tabs don't interact with each other. If you have skills on the Unique tab, then the required skills for them must also be on that tab. A good example for this is actually my Tsuki files.

In rev 4, the skill tables are coded so anything that's for 2nd job will only appear on the 4th tab of the Job page. To bypass this I created a job skill for each class that was learned when changing job and applied hid it on the 1st tab of the job skills. We call them Hidden passives. This gives the illusion that the system is still calling on the job id for the skill when in fact it's calling on these hidden passives as the prerequisite to learn the skill. This allowed us to switch all skills over to iRose while using Rev4 client and only utilising the 3 job tabs.

The same method can be used here whether it's a hidden one or one you show. Unique table also has a low skill limit.
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